我这些年陆续翻译了几乎所有亚马逊、I Herbs 和几本有关护士茶 书籍的所有的客户见证和分享。我们国内的用户,和我分享的一些交 流和见证,附录摘选了一些比较典型的分享供读者参考,

◎ 来自 IHerbs 的评价

IHerbs 是北美最大的保健品线上商店,因品种齐全、价格低廉而 广受欢迎。富兰的很多产品都在上面。我选了几篇用户对护士茶的评论, 翻译并附上。


May work in cancer treatment
Posted by Reviewer3093099 on Oct 22, 2007
My mother was diagnosed with a fast spreading malignant melanoma

on the bottom of her foot. We were worried because it took almost 6 months from the time she noticed the lump until surgery (mostly because of the insurance company!). When she finally told me, I started researching

supplements. For about 8 days before surgery, I had her taking this liquid Flor•Essence as well as VPS® Coriolus Versicolor by Mushroom Science. Most other supplements I wanted to give her were not allowed because they were blood thinners (e.g., garlic, Ubiquinol, curcumin). During surgery, the doctor removed a few lymph nodes to test, and the cancer had not spread! He said the lump must not have been as deep as the biopsy indicated, but we feel that the Flor•Essence and Coriolus mushrooms really helped. She continued to take the Flor•Essence for about 5 weeks after surgery, but it got expensive, so she stopped but continues with other supplements. She healed well.


我的母亲被诊断出脚底患有一个迅速蔓延的恶性黑色素瘤。我 们很担心,因为从发现肿块到她手术之间间隔了将近 6 个月 ( 主要是 因为保险公司的原因! ) 。当她告知我时,我开始研究补充疗法。 术前 8 天左右,我让她服用富兰·益赛思清毒茶及 VPS® Coriolus Versicolor。其他大多数补充剂是不允许服用的,因为它们可能含有血 液稀释剂 ( 例如:大蒜、泛醇、姜黄素 ) 。在手术过程中,医生取出 淋巴结进行测试,发现癌症没有扩散!他说肿块肯定不会有活检显示 的那么深,我们觉得是富兰·益赛思和 VPS® Coriolus Versicolor 的效果。 手术后的 5 周里,她继续服用富兰·益赛思,但它有些贵,所以她停 了并配合营养保健品。她愈合良好。

Flor Essence
Posted by Reviewer2945683 on Feb 19, 2008
This product is being used to aggresively treat a stage 4 cancer patient.

By going to your web site, I was able to save the patient hundreds of dollars. We are sure of the healing properties & look forward to improvement. Thank you for making it more affordable than the manufacturer. Patients need your product despertately. This review written with healing love & light sent to every bottle.


此产品被用于 4 期的癌症患者的治疗。通过浏览这个网站,我能 够帮病人省下几百块钱。我们相信产品的修复性能并且期待改善。感 谢你的定价。患者极其需要这个产品。这个评论伴随着每一瓶益赛思, 发自爱和希望。

Holy water from heaven
Posted by Reviewer1355240 on Oct 14, 2007
My son is presently taking this tea every morning he is 23 years old

and was diagnosed with type two sugar he has gotten his sugar level from 665 to normal


我的儿子每天早上都服用这种茶,他 23 岁,被诊断有 II 型的糖 尿病,现在他的血糖水平从 665 恢复到正常

Great for general detox
Posted by Reviewer2334781 on Jun 16, 2009
On my send bottle and I really like it. It was suggested to me to take

smaller and frequent doses to keep it in my system throughout the day. The bottle says first thing in the AM and last thing in the PM, which I do, with the addition of another smaller dose mid day. This seems to work very well. I also feel some weight coming off – HORRAY!


收到液体的富兰·益赛思,我真的很喜欢它。有人建议我采用 少量、多次服用的方法,以保持它全天都在我的体内工作。使用方 法说明,每天早上和睡觉前服用,我是这么做的,但我中午的时候会额外再少量服用一次。它似乎真的很有效。我感觉自己体重轻些了。 万岁!

Extra Energy!
Posted by Reviewer2901485 on Nov 29, 2011
This is the best detox ever! You feel more energized, and just totally

clean! I will not use anything else. This is my second experience using Flora. AMAZING!! Must try!!


这是有史以来最好的排毒产品!你会觉得自己更有活力,而且非 常干净!我不会用任何别的产品。这是我第二次购买富兰·益赛思。 简直惊人!!一定要试试!

Excellent product; excellent price
Posted by Reviewer1027782 on Jan 29, 2007
I have researched essiac-type products and found Flor•Essence in

liquid (prepared, which you then dilute for use) and powdered (dried herb) forms. I have used both, the liquid for my cat and the powdered for my horse. I have researched the additional herbs used in Flor•Essence (vs.the four herbs in the essiac blends) and prefer the Flor•Essence mix. From my observations, both animals have benefitted from the mix in that they display greater vitality. I have observed this especially with my cat, who is also on regular homeopathic treatment. She is taking longer between homeopathic treatments and has a greater overall appearance of health and energy (she is 16 years old and has inflammatory bowel). It has a soothing effect, and I am hoping, a healing benefit that will continue to build on itself with continued support.


我研究护士茶,于是发现了富兰·益赛思液体包装 ( 成品,只需 要加水稀释就可以服用 ) 和粉末状 ( 益赛思草本 ) 的形式。两个我都用 了,我给我的猫服用了液体,给我的马服用了草本。我也研究了富兰·益 赛思的其他四种成分,我更喜欢富兰·益赛思的草本配方。根据我的 观察,这两个小动物都从益赛思中受益了,他们表现出更大的活力。 尤其是我的猫,她定期要做顺势疗法治疗。她服用后顺势疗法间隔的 时间加长了,整体看上去更健康更有活力 ( 她 16 岁,有炎症性 肠病 )。益赛思具有舒缓的效果,而且我希望这是一个治疗且巩固自 身的长远效果。

Posted by Reviewer2736886 on Jun 14, 2011
The best liver detoxifies I have ever tried. I have put one star less

because it’squite expensive. Otherwise, I would use it on a daily basis.


这是我尝试过的最好的肝脏排毒产品。我评四颗星因为它比较贵。 否则的话,我会每天都用它 。

Posted by Reviewer2854071 on Oct 26, 2007



我父亲有结肠癌,在化疗时认识了一个人。这个人让他试试看富 兰·益赛思,效果如何我会再来评论的。

Love, love, love this stuff!
Posted by JodieLouise on Jun 27, 2011
It’s a very subtle change, but a definite change as soon as I started

using this. It’shard to describe, but I just felt… better, somehow. I am not using this to treat cancer, just to improve wellbeing, and I definitely feel that when I take this I feel a little happier, more alert, more balanced. I have been recommending this to my friends and family, it’s a great product !


服用后会有非常微妙的变化,我一开始使用益赛思就能明确地感 受到这种变化。它很难形容,但我只是觉得……感觉更好了。我服用 益赛思不是为了治疗癌症,只是为了改善整体健康,并且我真的觉得 我服用益赛思的时候,我会觉得更开心,更敏锐,更协调。我一直给 我的朋友和家人推荐这个产品,这是一个伟大的产品!

Posted by Reviewer1943478 on Jan 29, 2008
This tastes great and makes me feel terrific! I take it straight, the kids

mix it with water. We all feel better using this product.


这味道好极了,而且让我感觉太棒了!我直接喝,孩子们混水后 饮用。服用后我们都感觉更好了。

Posted by Reviewer2134612 on Apr 11, 2008
this is the finest product I have ever used. I will use it as long as I live.

排毒 这是我用过的最好的产品。只要我活着,我就会继续使用它。

FlorEssence is the best
Posted by Reviewer2079608 on Jan 18, 2010
My acupuncturist put me on Flor•Essence when I got my diagnosis of low level lymphoma. It’shealing story is inspiring. It has contributed to my wellness regiment, and is supporting my immune system while I stay healthy even with this diagnosis.


当我被诊断患有低水平低淋巴瘤时,我的针灸师让我服用益赛思 清毒茶。这个产品的治愈故事很鼓舞人心。它促进了我的健康,并支 持我的免疫系统,让我即使患病在身也能保持健康的活力。

FlorEssence liquid
Posted by Reviewer1431084 on Jul 30, 2010
Good product, relieves pain (for multiple fibroid), convenient to take

but a bit expensive in the long run.


很好的产品,减轻疼痛 ( 肌瘤 ) ,携带方便,但是从长远来看有 点贵 。

Flora, FlorEssence
Posted by Reviewer3095351 on Dec 29, 2010
This product is a great body detox. I buy it for everyone who is

diagnosed with cancer. If it is taken prior to surgery, the cancer cells are not detected or have decreased.

富兰·益赛思这是一个非常好的身体排毒产品。我会买给任何被诊断出患有癌 症的人。如果在手术前服用它,癌细胞会出现减少或检测不出的情况。

Flor Essence
Posted by Reviewer2021176 on Jan 18, 2010
Using it to treat cancer in my dogs since November. It seems to have been preventing the spread or reversing the deasese. We will see what happens down the road.


从 11 月以来,一直用它来为我的狗治疗癌症。这个产品似乎可以 防止癌细胞扩散或转移。不知道以后会怎么样。

Posted by Reviewer2308938 on Mar 09, 2010
I really can’t say whether this has made a difference for me. I like the ease of taking it and it doesn’t taste upleasant, but kind of like mushrooms and earthy if that makes any sense. As for it’s detoxifying effects, I think maybe you would have to go through 2 to 3 bottles, as it doesn’t stretch very far.


我真的不能说这是否会对我有效。我喜欢它的服用方便,没有令 人不快的味道,口感有点像蘑菇和泥土,如果你明白我的意思。至于 它的解毒效果,我想起码得服用 2 至 3 瓶,因为它不会那么快见效。

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