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FlorEssence Worked for Us- Cancer Free, By louisa08 May 9, 2011

(2011 年 5 月 8 日,由 Louisa08 撰写 ) 原文地址

My husband has taken the Flor•Essence tea since 1996 when he was initially diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer. After being diagnosed with the cancer in 1995, he underwent radiation therapy. At the time, it appeared the radiation was successful since his PSA levels were normal. As you might imagine, we were both ecstatic about this. However, this happiness was short-lived.

In 1996, a follow up PSA test showed the PSA level had started to increase. His urologist said this was not good believing the radiation did not get all of the cancer.

After consulting with a local health food expert, I started my husband on the Flor•Essence tea, Flora Pro-Essence (specifically for the prostate), and modified citrus pectin (known to kill cancer cells). During an exam, his urologist told us after reviewing his PSA level (now normal), “I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is it’s working.”

Fifteen years later and still taking all three products, my husband remains cancer free and his PSA levels normal.

We sincerely believe by taking these products it literally saved his life. The tea is a natural, gentle cleansing product which also helped him more easily recover from the serious side effects of the radiation therapy.

I also take the Flor•Essence tea and find it helps my immune system.Rarely (if ever), do I get colds or the flu. The tea also helps both of us sleep better at night.

We are so thankful for the Flor•Essence tea.


自 1996 年以来,我丈夫开始服用富兰·益赛思,最初他被诊断为 前列腺癌第 2 阶段。1995 年被诊断为癌症后,他接受了放射治疗。

当时,化疗是成功的,因为化疗后他的 PSA 水平显示正常。你可 以想象,我们都欣喜若狂。但是,这种快乐是短暂的。

1996 年,续诊的 PSA 测试表明,PSA 水平已经开始呈上升趋势。 他的泌尿科医师说,化疗并没有杀死所有的癌细胞。

咨询了当地的保健食品专家后,我开始让他服用富兰·益赛思清 毒茶,富兰亲本植物精华(专门为前列腺癌),以及改良的柑橘果 胶(声称能够杀死癌细胞)。

再次测试后,他的泌尿科医生告诉我们,他的 PSA 水平现为正常, 还说 “我不知道你做了什么,但看来很有效”。

15 年后,我们仍然服用这三个产品,我丈夫的癌症没有反复,他 的 PSA 水平也依然正常。

我们真诚地相信,通过使用这些产品,确实救了我丈夫的命。益 赛思清毒茶是一种天然、温和的排毒产品,也帮助他更容易从放射治 疗导致的副作用中恢复。

我也服用富兰·益赛思清毒茶,发现它可以帮助我的免疫系统。 我很少得感冒或流感,益赛思还有助于我们俩晚上的睡眠。


Cancer Pain
By R.Keslingon June 6, 2010
(2010 年 6 月 6 日,由 R.Keslingon 撰写 ) 原文:http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1XBTIDBI
My father recently passed away from cancer. It began as colon cancer, and he was almost dead from it when he finally went to the hospital. It was stage three at that time. He underwent emergency surgery at that time (almost three years ago), and was in ICU for almost a month. We thought we were going to lose him right then and there. He recovered but refused chemotherapy. He also would not take the pre-mixed Flor•Essence I got him after his recovery, although I didn’t know that until I found it in his refrigerator back in December of 2009. It was opened, and it appeared that he had sampled it, but that was all. As the cancer progressed, it invaded his small intestine, his lungs, his liver, and completely involved his peritoneum. When he was sent home from the hospital the last time, in April 2010, after surgical bypass for the tumor in his small intestine, he was placed on Hospice. We knew there was very little chance of saving his life, but he was finally ready to try. I put him on the Flor•Essence, which I had bought locally. As the weeks passed, the Hospice nurses and the alternative therapies doctor he began seeing were amazed that he was having so little pain. In fact, he rarely needed a Percocet and only seemed to have pain in his left shoulder and arm (the natural therapies doctor said that was because of the location of the tumor pressing against his diaphragm which caused the shoulder on that side to ache). About three weeks after his return from the hospital, I ordered a different Essiac tea from the Internet that said it had clinical trials proving it’seffectiveness, etc., etc. My mother started him on the new tea and, as that week went on, his pain increased to the point that he was needing a Percocet every 2-3 hours. Knowing the only thing we had changed was the tea, I immediately started him back on the Flor•Essence. The very first day, he became slightly nauseous again (a side effect he had from the beginning with Flor•Essence, the natural therapies doctor said this was because it was killing cancer cells), and his pain decreased to the point that, once again, he only needed a Percocet occasionally. The difference was so dramatic it was almost unbelievable. Unfortunately, our measures were too little, too late, to save his life, but when he passed away (exactly six weeks after being sent home from the hospital), he was having no pain and had not had a Percocet in 36 hours.

Please, if you have cancer, don’t refuse to fight, as my father did. Fight it with everything you have. His worry was how much it would cost his family monetarily. We tried to convince him that we loved him more than the money it cost, but he couldn’t let us pay for his treatment. It just wasn’t in him to allow it. But, whatever treatment you try, be it surgery, chemo, radiation, or natural treatments, add Flor•Essence to your regimen from the beginning. Although the Flor•Essence I ordered on Amazon did not arrive prior to my father’s passing, I kept the packages of tea I had ordered and gave them to my family members. Everyone can benefit from the cleansing power of Flor•Essence and, after seeing what it did for my father’s pain, I would recommend it to anyone fighting a painful disease. And, please, don’t trust in the effectiveness of other Essiac tea products. I learned the hard way and will always regret that I caused my father pain he need not have had in his final days. Flor•Essence is the Real Deal.

One final note. If you have cancer, or any other painful disease, may God Bless You, and may you find this review to be helpful to you.

我父亲最近因癌症去世了。最早他得的是大肠癌,当我们去医院 的时候我父亲几乎死去。
当时是癌症的第三阶段。他接受了急诊手术,并在重症加强护理 病房中观察了近一个月。我们以为会失去他。还好,他恢复了,但拒 绝化疗。
在恢复之后,他也拒绝服用我给他的富兰·益赛思(护士茶), 直到 2009 年底我在他的冰箱里发现了护士茶。它被打开了,我父亲似 乎尝试服用过,但仅此而已。
随着癌症的进一步蔓延,逐渐扩散到他的小肠,他的肺部,他的 肝脏,并且完全蔓延到他的腹膜。
2010 年 4 月,经历了一次小肠肿瘤手术之后,他被安排到临终 病房。
我们知道在那里能挽救他生命的机会只有很小一点,这时他终于 准备去尝试了。于是我给他在本地买了 Flor•Essence(护士茶)。
几个星期过去了,护士和医生很惊奇地发现,他的痛苦减轻了。 事实上,他几乎不需要止痛药:复方羚可酮,而且只有左肩和左臂有 疼痛感。(自然疗法的医生说这是因为肿瘤压迫他的隔膜造成这一边 的肩部和臂膀痛。)
出院三周以后,我从网上订购了另一种只有简单四个配方的护士 茶,据说它是经过临床验证并且有效等等。我母亲让他开始尝试这种 新茶,随着时间推移,他的疼痛增加,直到他每两三个小时就需要止 痛药。
我们知道唯一的区别就是我们换了一种茶,所以我马上让他换回 到了富兰·益赛思。换回来的第一天,他开始感到恶心(这是他服用 富兰·益赛思的一种副作用,自然疗法的医生说这是因为它在杀死癌 细胞),并且他的疼痛也逐渐减轻到偶尔需要止痛药。

不幸的是,为了拯救他的生命,我们做得还是太少,太晚了。至少当他去世时(出 院后六周),他没有感到痛苦,而且有 36 个小时没有使用过止痛药了。
如果你有癌症,请不要像我父亲那样拒绝抗争。用你可以做的一切与癌症战斗。他所担心的是不知道会花掉家里多少钱。我们曾试图 告诉他,我们对他的爱胜过一切,不是金钱可以相比的,但他不愿让 我们支付他的治疗费用,他心里不允许他这么做。
我建议,不管是什么治疗方法,手术,化疗,放射治疗还是自然 疗法,请从一开始就把富兰·益赛思放在治疗方案中。
虽然我在亚马逊上订购的富兰·益赛思没能赶在我父亲去世前送 达,我还是留下了这些茶并分给了我的家人。这样每个人都可以从富 兰·益赛思的清体功效中受益,而当我看到它对于我父亲疼痛的功效后, 我希望把它推荐给所有正在经历身体疼痛的病人。
请不要轻易相信市场上其他所谓护士茶的功效,我以一个痛苦的 方式学到了这一点认识,并且将永远后悔在我父亲最后的时日里,给 他增加了本不应该得到的痛苦,富兰·益赛思(Flor•Essence)才是真 正的好产品。
最后说一下,如果你有癌症,或者有其他让你疼痛的疾病,希望 上帝保佑你,并且希望让你觉得这篇评论能对你有所帮助。

Terrific for Detox!,
By AndreaP. August 14, 2011
(2011 年 8 月 14 日,由 AndreaP 撰写 ) 原文:https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/RHN2QNG3L4
I’ve been suffering some fairly severe health issues for the last few months, due to adrenal depletion. In my research on this, I’ve discovered that fatigued adrenals can overload the liver and gallbladder. Well, recently.
I realized that my adrenals are much stronger than before, so something else was amiss, resulting in my feeling fatigued constantly. When I developed a lipoma on my calf, I figured my lymphatic system was congested. I bought a liver detox kit and used it for a few weeks, but I didn’t really notice any results.
Then I found websites talking about essiac tea. I had never heard of it, but people were making some pretty remarkable claims about it. As per usual, I immediately came to amazon to see what people here had to say about it (I feel confident that the reviews here are authentic). When I typed in “essiac tea” in the search module, it brought up Flor•Essence. This product had terrific reviews, and I’d read how great it is for detoxing; so I figured, what have I got to lose?

People claim that it has cured their cancer. I can’t make a comment on that, because as far as I know, I’ve got no cancer. But after taking this tea for a few days, I can definitely state that it seems quite potent medicinally. I’ve been taking 2 oz. of the brewed tea with 2 oz. hot water, 3 times a day. The third day I started feeling the typical flu-like symptoms of detox, and by day 4 I woke up feeling like a truck had hit me. My allergies and chemical sensitivities got really bad. I had a lot of sinus congestion. I could feel this stuff working. It’s been a little over a week now, and it’s still working great. I think the worst of the detox is over. I also started taking milk thistle and quercetin with vitamin C, and I think those supplements are assisting in the detox.

Also, my boyfriend who never really thought he had digestive tract issues started taking this tea, just to maintain his health. Within a few days, he started seeing some nasty stuff (i.e. Candida, etc) come out in his bowel movements. So I guess this tea is also terrific for actually killing any

parasites one may have. I can’t say that it will do so for everyone, but he and I are both having success with the tea. We even recommended it to his parents to try and are telling our friends about it. It’s not difficult to brew at all. After reading reviews where people said it was hard to do, I expected it to be grueling. It really doesn’t take that long to prepare. Most of the time is spent allowing the tea to brew overnight. When I make the tea, I’d say it takes me about 30 minutes in the evening and about 10 minutes the following morning.
If you’re looking to detox, give this a go. Don’t increase the dosage
beyond the recommended amount (as I’m apt to do, because I always want
to speed things up!), because if you do, you’ll feel awful. But this day in
age, I think it’s all vital that we complete a detox every few months or so.
Our bodies simply have yet to catch up with the toxin overload created by
the modern world. I’ve tried a few detox remedies, and this one, by far, is my favorite. I intend to use this tea for a very long time, if not for life.
在过去的几个月里,由于肾上腺枯竭,我有一些相当严重的健康 问题。我研究后发现,疲劳肾上腺能导致肝脏和胆囊毒素超载。
最近 , 我意识到我的肾上腺比以前强多了,所以也许是别的东西 不对劲才导致我老是觉得很疲劳。然后,我发现我的小腿长了个脂肪瘤, 我想我的淋巴系统一定堵塞了。我买了一个肝脏排毒产品,并使用了 几个星期,但我并没有发现有任何效果。

这时我发现一个网站在讨论护士茶。我从来没有听说过它,但人们却给出了相当了不起的赞美和评论。我马上就到亚马逊,看看有没有什么人在这里说一下这个产品 ( 我有信心,亚马逊的评语都是真实的 ) 。当我键入“护士茶”在搜索栏后,就出现了富兰益赛思清毒茶。 该产品具有极好的评论,很多评论都称赞它的排毒功效 ; 

所以我想,试试能有什么损失呢? 人们声称,益赛思已治愈他们的癌症。我不能对此评论,因为据我所知我没有癌症。但服用此茶几天后,我可以肯定地指出,它很有效。 我一直在服用 60ml 的益赛思配 60ml 的热水,每日 3 次。第三天,我 开始感觉到流感症状似的排毒反应,到第 4 天我醒来的时候,我感觉 像被一辆卡车撞过似的。我有非常糟糕的过敏体质,对化学物品也极 其敏感。当时我鼻塞流鼻涕。我能感觉到益赛思在起作用。现在我已 经喝益赛思一个多星期了。我认为最糟的排毒反应已经结束 。我也开 始服用苦蓟精华和水溶维他命 C,我认为这些补充剂可以协助排毒。

此外,我的男朋友,从来没有想到他会有消化道问题也开始服用 此茶,只是为了维持身体健康。短短几天,他开始看到他的排便里有 一些恶心的东西 ( 如念珠菌等 ) 。所以我想这茶也许可以真正杀死任 何寄生虫。我不能说益赛思对每个人都有效,但是至少对我和我的男
朋友很有效。我们甚至将它推荐给他的父母,也试图告诉我们的朋友。 其实煎煮草本益赛思并不难。购买前我看到有人评论说很麻烦, 于是我假设这过程一定很烦琐。但是事实上真的没花那么长的时间准 备它。大部分的时间都花在让茶浸泡过夜罢了。

煎煮益赛思无非就是花了我晚上约 30 分钟,第二天早上约 10 分钟而已。 如果你想排毒,真的放心试试益赛思。不要服用超过推荐量的剂
量 ( 因为我很想这么做,总是想加快速度! ) ,因为如果你这样做, 你会感到非常难受。

但是,像现在我们这个年龄,我认为每隔几个月 左右就排一次毒是非常有必要的。我们的身体根本无法赶上现在这个 充满毒素的世界。我曾经尝试了其他一些排毒产品,而这一次,到目 前为止,富兰·益赛思是我的最爱。如果不出现缺钱的情况,我打算 长期服用益赛思茶排毒
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